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Investing within real estate is a big life decision that can involve a lot of paperwork and red tape. That’s why it’s crucial to take an informed and well-planned out approach. Shuffle Residential is here to guide you through the process every step of the way, and provide all the resources and services you need to manage your property portfolio effectively.



You can feel confident that our property managers will always have your best interests in mind, be it from reported maintenance to deposit returns. Our property team understand the importance of ensuring that you are meeting your obligations under section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, as well as the new section 21 of the Housing Acts requirements, whilst also being mindful of costs.

You Can Count On Us!

Our property agents will fully liaise with your tenants and guide them towards remedying anything that comes under their obligations or even such things as ensuring some of the simpler things to check before sending a repair man.




Our team members are ARLA qualified and pride themselves on keeping their finger on the pulse, proactively monitoring changes within the property industry, this is done by not only training but also by their keen interest in their chosen profession and subscribing and reading the latest property news as it becomes available, whether that be from the monthly newsletter, provided by our industry trainers or from top industry solicitors.


Feel confident that our team will always have your best interests.


We offer best service to our clients and provide a full suite of property management services.


We believe in giving added-value and encompass a wide range of property services to ensure effective management and solutions for your property requirements.


Get in touch with us and we will provide you the market best rates and no obligation quote for our services.


All of our team members are highly trained and experienced, with a combined total of 20 years within the the property industry.


We offer a friendly and reliable service to landlords, developers, letting agents and relocation agents throughout south east.



Friendly Service. Affordable Prices. Fantastic Loyalty Rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fixed Fee Management?

No confusion here, the price you see, is the price you pay, excluding any additional promotional offers which could save you even more money, we believe in transparency, customer satisfaction and rewarding customer loyalty, so if having a fixed fee, rather than a variable rate is the solution to give you peace of mind, then so be it. No more hassles.

Will You Manage The Deposit?

Our team will take the time to explain to tenants their responsibilities when it comes to leaving the property, they will send them their vacation instructions and arrange any check out where an inventory check in has been arranged.

Our team will negotiate any requests for deductions from the deposit baring in mind yours and the tenant’s obligations. Having dealt with thousands of deposit returns our team will use their knowhow to avoid a dispute and get the deposit returned to either party as quickly as possible with minimal effect to your day.


We will use our technical knowhow, systems and team of engineers to arrange and carry out the safety certifications and maintenance required in order to both ensure your investment is kept in good condition and repair, ensuring a smooth transition from one tenancy to the next.


We will liaise with our partnered letting agents to negotiate a good commission for you on a tenant find only, allowing you to move your portfolio to one central point in the knowledge that your interests are being met.

What Does Our Property Management Service Include?

  • Collecting the rent from your tenants on a monthly basis unless otherwise agreed.

  • Paying our landlords once we are in receipt of clear funds and any invoices or charges have been deducted.

  • Arrange any maintenance that may be required from time to time and arranging quotes for works that are needed for works that are required above a agreed rate for your approval.

  • Carry our property visits to ensure your investment is being looked after

  • Arrange insurance quotes and visits, liaise with tenants, contractors, block managers and  claim handlers.

  • Register the tenants deposit inaccordance with the government schemes and provide the tenants with such documentation.

  • Organise a comprehensive Inventory, Check in and check out.

  • Draft tenancy agreements, notices and letters as standard, record all maintenance that is requested and time etc to carry out in order to avoid tenants claims of retaliatory evictions.

  • Field all tenant enquiries, liaise with Utility companies and the Local Authorities on your behalf.

  • Take our commission from the rent on a monthly basis (or as collected) therefore we get paid when you get paid!!

  • Send you a welcome pack with copies of your certificates, tenancy agreement, deposit certificate, statements and terms and conditions.

  • A statement is sent to you for each payment sent showing the rent received, deductions for repairs if carried out, our fee  and the total amount being paid to you. Where required we are able to provide copies to your accountants.

  • Liaise with the HMRC for the Non Resident Landlord Schemes

  • Where tenants fail to pay their rent we will chase on your behalf, we will contact any guarantors, and draw up documentation to provide evidence where required to take legal action to get the property back. We will ensure that the rent is chased effectively and keep you up to date each step of the way.