How To Report A Complaint

It’s as easy as 1, 2 and 3. We pride ourselves on maintaining an excellent relationship with our customers and will always ensure all complaints are dealt with efficiently and effectively. For us to maintain these standards, the following steps have been designed to help resolve any issue you may have.

Step 1: Contact Your Dedicated Property Consultant

Report the issue by speaking to your designated property consultant to inform them and explain in detail why you are not happy with their service. We suggest placing all complaints in writing or summarising in an email after a verbal discussion.

Step 2: Managing Director

If your dedicated property consultant is unable to resolve the incident to your satisfaction for any reason, your incident will be escalated to our Managing Director by email. You will receive a copy of the email explaining the complaint and why your consultant is unable to resolve the issue. Your complaint will be acknowledged in writing within 3 working days. Our Managing Director will then contact you directly to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. This process will take no longer than 15 working days of receipt of the original complaint.

Step 3: The Property Redress Scheme

Should you remain dissatisfied following our step 2 response, then you may refer your complaint to the Property Redress Scheme. Do do this you can visit . Please note that any referral must be done within 12 months of our Stage Two response. Your complaint will not be considered by the Property Redress Scheme unless all of the prerequisites have been fulfilled, and we will do our very best to ensure customer satisfaction. For further information on how the Property Redress Scheme works, here is a link explaining their process is detail: